News Round Up

June has been a busy month for us, with our first major PUK update on the horizon, Rezzed (just visiting) including Vlambeer's very inspiring talk on making games whilst eating noodles and Kostia, our new sound guy!

So onto some details maybe:


PUK Shadow & Light

So we decided to update PUK to give our high scoring fans a treat. In short the update features two new game modes, one easier yet faster, one harder and err, harder! Both of the new modes feature unique visual styles and soundtracks and are playing great.

The update will be free to existing PUK'rs and will be available at the beginning of September, more details to follow. 

For anyone who hasn't yet played PUK find out more here:


Rezzed (17).jpg

Rezzed and Vlambeer

Rezzed was really fun, loads of great Indie games on show (LuftrausersSurgeon Simulator and Tenya Wanya Teens to name a few) and lots of nice people to chat to. Had a look at Oculus Rift and got the distinct feeling it'll never work because I don't think people like to be closed in, surely we'd all be watching films through tv goggles by now?

Two really inspiring talks we attended: Is Story Telling in Games Getting any Better? and Vlambeer discussing Luftrausers both really worth a watch! 

Picked up a list of games to play soon (some pretty obvious!) :

  • Ending
  • Wasteland Kings
  • AVP 2 Narrative 2 Player Co Op Mod
  • Space station 13
  • Walking Dead
  • Last of Us
  • Saints Row
  • Day Z
  • Faster than Light
  • Journey
  • Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor



PUK Merch

 We've been hard at work designing some gorgeous new PUK T's we'll soon have for sale right here. After ditching the idea of bagging ourselves a screen printer (yeah pretty stupid!) we've found a really excellent skate gear printer right here in Manchester who's gonna help us to produce them, hopefully in time for the release of Shadow and Light.



Kostia Shilovsky

We'd also like to mention Kostia Shilovsky aka Calopteryx our newest contributor. Kostia is an experienced musician who spends his spare time creating amazing electronic and ambient music for games and films. He's already created an awesome new track for the new PUK Light Mode and he's hard at work creating another darker, harder track for Shadow. We can't wait to hear it. Kostia has also been tasked with remixing the original PUK music and kicking some of the sound effects into shape.

Have a listen to the new light mode track below: