News Round Up

It's been a while since our last news post and I suspect it will be a while before our next! That seems to be a running theme with game development, there is always something else to do!

PUK - Shadow and Light Update

PUK Shadow and Light is out on iTunes and Google Play! The launch went very well despite a few hiccups. Over half of you lovely PUK'ers updated on day one and we received loads of new reviews, Tweets and comments so thanks so much. We've had another surge of new players as a direct result of the update and quite a few of our favourite blogs have once again got behind us and given the new PUK update a mention so again, thank you so much!


We were very excited to begin development on the promising little box but it seems for the minute they have some real issues with both the user interface (particularly in the store front with regard to exposure) and the hardware itself (ours switches itself back out of standby every time its shut down and there's nothing worse than the occasional bit of lag it seems to suffer after you run and 'close' a few games). I'm sure these issues will be resolved with time.
Our fingers are crossed!

PUK T Shirt Competition

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for taking part :)

Mikes Modelling

You may of noticed that we now have real people modelling our awesome PUK T-Shirts, its Mike looking his best. He ordered me to not include his head in the images!